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I've been reading posts on this site for a couple of years.

I always enjoy the posts written by people that work in emergency rooms. I was looking for the one about the lady with the huge butt infection. Can someone give me the date of that post?

If you have a favorite post, please send me the date and I'd like to look it up.

Sometimes the comments are the best part.

Happy picking!
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I love pus, cysts, boils, assorted infections, etc.  

However, I rarely see a  good old-fashioned pimple.  The kind that came to a head & you had to squeeze hard.  Then a bunch of white firm pus came out -- not the liquid junk -- that gloriously ended when the final small white core (like a small piece of rice) finally came out that was followed by bright red blood?

Damn I miss those!  

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When I was in high school (1969-72) in SE Texas, we did not have air conditioning until my senior year of high school.   It was hot and humid almost all year long. Girls also still had to wear dresses to school -- we were not allowed to wear pants until my senior year!  We only had fans in the classrooms that barely gave us any relief from the heat.  The gym coaches had no sympathy for us and insisted that we run track even on the hottest days.  Gym only added to the sweat and grime on my body.  The locker room for gym was unairconditioned and had no fans.  It smelled horrible and was filthy.  With only a few minutes to change before the next class I never had time to ever consider a quick shower. 

Anyway, the heat and humidity guaranteed that I sweated a lot.  I also had very oily skin.  I had pimples all the time.  Especially along my hairline, back, arms, and chest.  Basically, I got pimples anywhere I sweated -- which was everywhere.  I once ever got a huge zit on my butt!  

The first thing I did when I got home from school everyday was to shower and change clothes.  My school clothes would literally be drenched in sweat.

On this one hot day, I looked at my back and I had a lovely zit with a gorgeous head on it.  I made sure that my bathroom door was locked so I would not be disturbed.  The bathroom had excellent lighting & the bath had long vanity that I could sit close to the mirror to make my zit searches easy.

I squeezed the zit and a nice amount of pus came out.  It was not the watery pus that I often see on this website.  It was also not as thick as the old sebaceous cysts.  It was white and solid.  I did not measure it but it was the amount of an eraser at the end of a pencil. 

I proceeded to attack the zit again from the opposite direction.  Again, the same amount of  pus easily came out.  

Returning to my first position, I moved in for what I anticipated being my final squeeze.  Again, the same amount of pus easily came out.  

This zit showed no signs to quitting.  So I went for squeeze #4 (this was now a record for squeezing zits for me -- usually every zit gave up its pus within 3 squeezes) and again the same amount of pus easily came out.  

The anticipation at this point was unbelieveable.  It seemed that this was never going to end. 

At squeeze #5 again the same amount of pus escaped.  Then came squeeze #6 -- and after the pus escaped the large hard white core came out (the size of a large piece of rice) followed by red blood.  The zit had been conquered!  

My Mom taught me that every pimple had a core and you were not finished squeezing until the hard core came out along with some bright red blood. 

After all these years, I am still amazed at the large amount of pus that kept coming out each time I squeezed.  I guess if I had added it all up it might have been 2 teaspoons of pus.

When air conditioning finally arrived at my high school, my zits dramatically dropped by 75%.  
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In junior high, I left for school one morning and my face looked fine.  

During second period, I felt a huge painful lump on the right side of my chin.  I had never experienced pain like this before.  I immediately got a pass to go to the  restroom and discovered the biggest, bright red and puss filled pimple on my face.  It was huge.  It reminded me of a huge red light on my chin!   I tried to squeeze it even though I knew that it would be oozing for the rest of the day and look gross.  Unfortunately, it hurt so bad that I was only able to have tears running down my face.  I went back to class with this damn pimple on my chin and my eyes filled with tears.  I was crushed and pissed. 

Of course, for the rest of the day, I ran to the restroom between every class to look at this huge red glowing pimple on my face and to try to pop it.  I throbbed to even try to touch it.  This was the mother of all pimples.  I could not even put my tongue on the right side of my bottom teeth or my eyes would begin tearing due to the severe pain. 

It is one of the pimples that has the puss at the top and the base is filled with liquid.  I had never had one of those pimples before.  I had no idea how badly they hurt.  

I tried to rest my chin in my hand during one class and  tears swelled in my eyes.  This pimple was unbearable.  I could not wait to get home and deal with it in my own bathroom.

As soon as I got home, I rushed to the bathroom to wash my face. The towel touching it again made me feel sick.   I tried applying towels soaked in hot water to get it to pop. No luck.  I tried alcohol.  Again no luck.  I tried numerous times to carefully align my fingers to try to pop this killer.  Everything I tried hurt like hell.  It became a battle between the pimple and me.  I was determined to win.  I thought I'd pass out when I tried to pop it.  The pain was unbearable.  I finally said I'm giving it one last shot and I almost threw up from the pain.  It was not poppable. 

In desperation, I went to my Mom and begged her to pop it.  (She loved to pop my pimples. She loved to chase me through the house as I avoided her long fingernails!  If I voluntarily came to her and asked then she knew something special was going on!)  She took one look and I knew that she wanted to take her time and savor the popping of this huge zit.   She was in the middle of getting ready for dinner and she said to wait until after dinner.  I begged her to do it before dinner.  (I did not want to admit to her that I thought I'd throw up when she popped it so I did not want to do it after dinner.)

I barely ate dinner. Any movement of my chin area made it throb.   I now dreaded the upcoming popping.  I knew that I'd pass out or throw up.

I laid down on her bed with a trashcan so that I'd be ok if I passed out or threw up.  My mom got a sterile needle and stuck it.  No pain.  She squeezed it.  Again, no pain.  It was over in a flash.  It was sooooo easy.  I could not believe it.  I was truly pissed.  I wish I had thought of a needle.  The unbearable zit was gone in moments and no scar!   The pimple that had caused me so much pain and agony had surrendered easily to a little needle prick. 

I did learn one valuable lesson from my mom that night.  Sterlized needles are good!  When in doubt try them.

Postscript:  Many years later I had one of those nasty, gross pimples in my "privacies" .  It hurt like hell.  It just appeared out of no where.   I tried to squeeze it and again the pain was unbearable and made tears come to my eyes.  I remembered my Mom's trick.  I got a sterile needle and popped it.  Again, no pain and it was gone in moments.  No huge amounts of puss or anything. 

I've only had 2 of these pimples in my entire life and they were both huge, ugly and extremely painful. 

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